Secure Your Job by Raising Your Own Personal Profile

Protect your own job by raising your personal profile

Protect Your Job by Raising Your Profile! Competition in the work place is alarming! If you are not careful about protecting your job, you will loose it any moment. So I suggest that you take important steps to raise your.

What it is NOT.

• Bragging about your achiements to be noticed

• “Greasing” your boss with flattery and material gifts

• Going out with the boss to strengthen relationships

• Promotional savvy

All of these will certainly attract attention, but they will not raise profile.

Here are some good pointers.

Make your ideas known. Most companies are always in the lookout for bright ideas that could help the firm generate more revenues, cut expenses, or streamline work functions. If you have ant bright ideas don’t be afraid to boldly express them out. Don’t keep them to yourself. Be bold by pitching your solutions to management and speaking up in meetings and brainstorming sessions. Remember that when times are tough, confident communicators, innovative thinkers, and smart risk-takers are in demand; silent company decorations are not.

Keep your skills current. From attending rigorous training workshops to getting involved with your company’s mentoring programs, you must take the advantage of these professional development opportunities that the company offers. Furthermore, join the industry associations,e.g., firemen’s association, accountants association, industrial managers association, personnel management association, etc.. Attend conferences and seminars, seek relevant certifications, and read specialized publications to keep abreast with the latest developments in your field. The key is to leverage your knowledge by sharing information and insights with your boss and coworkers. Being regarded as a go-to expert will significantly raise your profile and visibility for job security.

Build on sound core values. If you work tirelessly behind the scenes but shy away from the spotlight, it's time to take center stage. The truth is that hunkering down and quietly doing quality work might not be enough in today's recessionary times. You need to promote yourself, too. Tactfully blow your own horn without bragging by periodically apprising your manager of your successes. You'll add punch to your status updates if you quantify your contributions, linking your efforts to any positive impact they've had on the bottom line.

Expand your reach within your own firm. Many professionals think of networking only in terms of developing outside connections. But expanding your reach within your own firm is just as critical. Strive to establish strong relationships with colleagues throughout your workplace. Sign up for cross- departmental initiatives, attend company-sponsored events, and generally endeavor to be an outgoing and helpful team player. As the saying goes, people like to work with people they like. The more allies you have in your corner, the better your chances of keeping your job.

Finally, Make a name for yourself. You make name for yourself by standing up when others step back. Be the first person to raise your hand when your manager needs someone to take the lead on a challenging new project -- even if the assignment falls outside the confines of your job description. It might require you to move beyond your comfort zone, but displaying drive and initiative can pay big dividends. You'll not only hone valuable leadership skills and discover untapped talents, but you'll also build a reputation as an indispensible employee.


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