Resume Work Experience - Listing Job Duties

How you can highlight work experience details to get the job you want. Highlight work experience for the specific position.

Work experience is one of the most important sections of a resume. There are often hundreds of applicants for each position, especially in a down economy. When an employer receives hundreds of resumes for one or two positions it is quite cumbersome to review each resume in detail. To be fair to each applicant the individual resumes do need to be reviewed. Employers often have a list of experience they are looking for when screening applicants. This list is not a secret; it is usually listed in detail in the job description or the position advertisement. Employers want to be clear about the job requirements when positing a position. It is time consuming to review several resumes for unqualified applicants. When listing work experience make sure you list all positions held for the past ten years. For dates of employment list the most recent position toward the top of the page followed by each position held prior. At a minimum list the year each position started and ended. If you know the months each of the positions were started and ended it would be most beneficial to add those as well. Make sure the months you list are accurate. These dates will be used to verify employment history with the employers and inaccurate dates may cost you the job.

Work history may need to be modified for each position you are applying for. Tailoring a resume to the position you are applying for highlights specific experiences for each job. This shows employers you are serious about the position and are committed to learning what is required to do the position. When listing job duties for each position use bullet points as much as possible. It is easier to read bullet points than a paragraph of job duties. Also be as specific as possible when listing job duties. Always use statistics and data when available. For instance, instead of listing “increased sales more than any other salesman” use “increased sales by 75% each quarter for 6 consecutive quarters.” Quantify as much as possible to give the recruitment team concrete evidence of your abilities. Never list reasons for leaving a position on your resume; you will have time to explain this in the interview. Always use easy to read font and bold the employer name. Remember the recruiter wants to be able to easily navigate your resume. If you have each position clearly outlined your resume will be easy to follow.


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