Do Resume Posting Services Work?

Before answering this question, let us check what is the objective of resume posting services? What do you expect when you post your resume with any such service provider? Here are the top five expectations:

  1. Expect to receive call letters for interviews from reputed companies in the desired field
  2. Expect fast results
  3. Feel you get more for less (effort, money, time)
  4. Feel less stressed out while searching for the right job
  5. Reach more people than would otherwise be possible

Does any of this happen?

The answer here would depend upon two major factors: (1) the way you have presented your resume and (2) the type of resume posting service you are using.

  1. Presentation – when you write your resume for the Net it is totally different than the one you write for human eyes. Recruiters would search for certain qualities, qualifications, and experience background when they look for the right candidates to fill in a vacancy. Unless your resume is peppered with those exact keywords, it would not show on their result page; hence, for them you do not exist. This is why your resume should be written with ONE particular job in mind; this would permit you to use the right keywords. If you are applying for two or more jobs, each job should have a tailor-made resume search engine optimized accordingly.
  2. Type of resume posting services used – most people prefer and use the free services available online. These providers are flooded by millions of resumes which are partially searchable by recruiters. How good would your chances be to be found amongst these millions? This is why paid services are always better than the free ones, as their business depends upon your satisfaction and therefore they would put in extra efforts to get you the desired results.

    What do you definitely get from resume posting services?

    You get exposure to different markets without the need of applying to each one individually. By selecting fixed locations, job and company preferences you can increase your chances to be “found” among the other candidates. This process is quick, convenient and relatively inexpensive.

    It is not fair to judge the resume posting services in isolation because there are too many factors involved in the ultimate results. However, if all the other factors are ideally completed, and you would still review the efficiency of this process, the answer would be positive.

    Why resume posting services is a good idea?

    The Internet is becoming more and more part of our lives. Recruiters save money, time and effort while searching for the right candidates online and this is why gradually this is adopted as a preferred mode of recruitment. As long as your resume is written keeping in mind the way the Internet functions, there is no reason why you should not get the desired results.

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